Blackbird Vineyards Napa Arise Red Blend (3)

Blackbird Vineyards Napa Valley Arise Red Blend 3-Pack
Sold by: Blackbird Vineyards and Recuerdo Wines
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2011 Blackbird Arise Napa Valley Proprietary Red Wine

In on this in the morn…

Had the 2012 version at Prime and Provisions in downtown Chicago in August, at $99 per. The table swooned over it, no notes. 2011 was a down year, but how down? 84 points from WS, fwiw. Only 88 though for the '12, which is surprising to me. I am overstocked right now, will need a push to get me to push the yellow button.


Happened to drink a 2011 the other night, had to double check vintage before I posted anything. This is from my cellar, no flying monkeys or anything like that. And no notes or anything, was just looking for something to throw at a grilled flat iron.

Pop and pour, splash decant before dinner. Decanting was just to give it a little air, no sediment to speak of.

In a good spot now, nicely balanced wine. Fruit but not in your face, tannins in check, oak in check. I guess you could say on the soft or elegant side of the spectrum. No hurry on this though, will certainly hold, but no reason not to pop the cork if you purchase.

Edit: No reason NOT to pop the cork.

Hey There. Eric here from Blackbird. We made some really pretty wines in 2011. It was a challenging vintage. The main issue was rain and then fog on the valley floor which caused rot in a lot of Cabernet. All the Merlot and most Cab Franc was in before the rains, and the Cabernet Sauv. we took was almost all from vineyards above the fogline, which dried out nicely after the rain.

It’s been said that Blackbird hits the sweet spot between Napa and Bordeaux. St. Emilion with a suntan!

Not alot of commenting here today, but this is a solid wine company. Very good price for this wine. Normally it’s about $50. Two Blackbird deals in the last month. I’m in.
Last Wooter to Woot:jmdavidson

Ok, has been a busy day, but a done deal.

Three if you include the Recuerdo wines but strangely those did not ship to Ohio, must be different licensing with the co-branded wine.

Curious as to why…
High pH, high AbV and 50% new oak just doesn’t sound like a profile for anything to cellar. despite the CT comments.

Some of us don’t have a lot of bottles in our cellars, as some do. So, this can be consumed in the near term or, if you like, put away for a while.

Ummm it’s been a week since the order was placed, and it still hasn’t shipped?

Kinda planned on drinking this with Christmas dinner! What gives?