Blackbox M10 Noise Canceling Headphones

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I am so glad I wasn’t the only one who instantly thought of “Everybody, Everybody” when I saw that a pair of Blackbox headphones were up today.

Whatever happened to them, anyway?

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BlackBox Warning: Listening to music at extremely loud levels may cause hearing loss, tinnitus, and/or radness.

These make anyone feel like Phil Spector. Create your own personal wall of sound and drown the world out.

A whole bunch of questions here:

Can this be used as just a noise canceling device, without music? Such as to have a nice quiet flight? How effective it would be at that? Would the battery last across Atlantic? Can they be used as ear protection while operating power tools (with or without music device attached)? How would it compare to one of these ear protection devices?

Just for the record, I saw the “everybody, everybody” and thought of Homestarrunner.

yes, it will cut engine noise w/o music.

don’t know about battery life, pack exyta batteries?

not designed to protect ears from loud noise like power tools or gunshots. the peltors you linked would be much better though you can get more protection for a little bit more money. you can also double up with foam plugs.

I noticed in the description/story/joke thing it said 40 hrs. Battery life

I never heard of this brand but it looks like a knock-off of my Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B Active Noise-Cancelling Closed-Back Headphones. Same design, different color, less accessories. Audiotechnica has a great case and is well made.

Amazon link to Audiotechnica

Never, ever, ever use headphones as ear protection. Active noise cancellation works by producing out-of-phase sound waves that cancel out outside noise - but in order for that to work, the wave the headphones put out has to be the same amplitude (loudness) as the outside noise. There’s no way that these, or any other active noise cancelling headphones, can produce sound loud enough to match what you get from power tools. These can do a lot for annoying sounds like airplane engine noise, but they’re not capable of protecting your hearing. If you’re working in an environment where hearing damage is a concern, use earplugs, oil-damped earmuffs like the ones you linked, or both.

Yes, these do have a noise reduction rating. However, unlike passive protective equipment like earplugs or earmuffs, the “protection” tops out at the loudest the headphones can go. As the noise around you gets louder, they let a larger and larger fraction of the noise into your ears. Long story short, if you depend on them for hearing protection, you’re going to be saying “speak up” a lot.

If you want to listen to tunes while you work in a noisy environment, you can get real hearing protection earmuffs with headphones built in. They aren’t as comfortable as active noise cancelling headphones (earmuffs have to clamp down on your head to establish a good seal and provide protection), and the sound quality typically isn’t great, but they’re real hearing protectors. Don’t ask these headphones to do the job of safety equipment: they’re good at what they do, but they can’t protect you when things get really noisy.

Apparently, the Phitek M10 is the OEM version of the Goldring NS1000.

Phitek is indeed the manufacturer of those headphones, but it’s a different model - the Phitek M14 is the equivalent.

How doe these compare to my Ableplanet noise canceling headphones which I also got from Woot?

I dunno. Looks like Phitek OEMs their own headphones

Does anyone know (or have a reference) for how high in frequency the ANR works? The old cheap ones I have work great to about 300 Hz. Do these go higher? 300Hz is great for airplanes but not that great for getting my cube quiet at the office. Do these work better in the range for spoken voices? thanks.

It wasn’t designed for construction workers. It’s designed for more casual settings like an airplane ride and such.

The construction of this earphone looks exactly like the Jabra c820s sold a few years back. I had a few. The plastic isn’t that strong. One’s plastic cracked (around the area to extend the headrest) after a couple years of light use. However, the battery life was amazing. It could last me around 150 hours of use. Sound quality is decent (great for the price) when noise canceling is on; it’s flat and soft when noise canceling is off.

I wouldn’t recommend it for quiet environments as it adds a noticeable slight hiss. (I think all noise canceling headphones do)

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