Blackford Napa Valley Cab Vertical (3)

Blackford Napa Valley Cabernet Vertical 3-Pack
$59.99 $148.00 59% off List Price
2002 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
2003 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
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Add Minnesota back to the list before this sale is over. Please and thank you.

Another bottle from the semi-recent SoCal gathering, and the second CS of the night. We had the 2002.

Deep colour.
Nose was bright with some red fruit, then the trifecta of olive, jalapeno, and spice. The less ripe end of California Cab. Great!
Palate was a nice medium weight with a slight prune-ish finish. It was quite savoury, still with medium tannin and a nice dose of cherry.
This is more toward the classical style of Napa Cab rather than your modern fruit-forward overdone new-world wine. We also figured this was just coming out of its dumb phase and would likely be better in a few more months or 1-2 years.
This was also the only bottle we were all trying to grab so we could get another sip. At $20/bottle + tax/delivery this is a solid value. I dare say this could be the next Ardente-type wine at this price.

The 1997 Ardente was delicious a few weeks ago. Classic style without the dominant fruit. Better with food. Really want to try this stuff but saving wine funds for copious amounts of bubbles.

Hopefully, the winery or winemaker can chime in on the optimum drinking windows for each vintage.

Had a 97 last night myself, with a nice ribeye, off to golf 6:30 tee time, if this hasn’t sold out when I get back I just might have to jump in.

Do I then interpret this as the one that topped the list you hinted about earlier?

We had the 2004 at the DFW wine woot dinner in early November and I’ve been watching for it ever since. That should tell you something.

My limited notes indicate an aromatic nose of dark fruit. On the palate it was medium bodied with smooth tannins and hints of raspberry.

This bottle was the highlight of the evening and we all expected it to be a Black Tie buy. At $20 per bottle it’s a no-brainier (especially with the positive reviews on the 2002).

In don’t know where I’ll put them, but in for 3.

Thoughts from you and Klez on how much life is left in these?

Yet another reason I am sad I didn’t make the most recent woot SoCal gathering.
And after the 1/2 price ardente sale on cyber Monday I can’t buy Any more Cabernet until I work down what I have.

Based on your comments as well as what Klez had to say…I am in for 2.

Blackford Napa Valley Cab Vertical (3)
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EDIT: Jumped on this quick since, who knows, another wine could appear at 1PM est…Would hate to miss this good sounding juice!

If you got 2 of the sets, I’d take one. :slight_smile:

Based on all the feedback I couldn’t pass it up. Finally put AZ on buy map above.

Full disclosure, in general I like my wine with a little age on it. That being said, I didn’t see any warning signs in the 2004 we tasted. I’m looking forward to trying a 2002 for more perspective.

Based on tasting that night, plenty of life left. I think we collectively thought it was coming out of the dumb phase and should have plenty of time left. Some tannins remain and the higher acid/lower ripeness helps in that sense also.

Last Wooter to Woot:

excellent day for golf in So Cal, (once the sun came up) 4 hr round, mid 60’s.

off work until Jan. 6th life is good.

You shot in the mid 60s?

Sure, rub it in!..We’re buried under 14 inches of snow in Upstate NY?

PM for you.