Blackhawk! Cross DrawPistol Mag Vest

Blackhawk! Cross DrawPistol Mag Vest

What size are these?

The pull down for “size” has “Right” and “Left” as selections.

There’s no size. It’s just mislabeled. You choose left or right draw.

I think they are only offering Left Draw only. On Amazon the Right Draw is $168.00 The Left Draw is $68.00. It is Right Hand discrimination, pure and simple. I say all Right Hand Folks BOYCOTT WOOT

WAIT! We didn’t do anything!!! And we have both left & right, your choice. Just like it says in the sale.

In other news, I finally realized that Hand & Size had the same choices. I’m slow sometimes. We removed Size.

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Well I tried again and it won’t move to cartstrong text

The only one we have remaining is the Desert Tan in Left handed. The right is sold out.

My good luck Thanks

Mine came in. The holster is on the left side of the vest and I selected right draw. So, I got the right draw vest. The one on the mother ship is 143.00!+cross+draw+pistol+mag+vest&qid=1569593870&s=gateway&sr=8-1

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