BlackJack Bracelets

Is the anchor bracelet a long piece of leather with an anchor at one end and a loop on the other? I have really tiny wrists, but love these bracelets. I’m thinking if its a long piece of leather I can make it four loops and it will fit. Thanks!

You’ve got it! I’m not sure how tiny your wrists are, but seems like the as-shown wrap would be 8.5" around, if that helps.

I don’t know if I can’t add all of a sudden, but it looks like only 18 bracelets are listed… am I missing something?

Just because we have more than 21 bracelets here

I’m no math whiz either but I had to scroll up & down several times myself as well. Bought 2 of the black anchor bracelets; wouldn’t mind seeing what the missing 3 look like.

18 + missing 3 = 21??

Several of these designs are blatant rip-offs of Matt Booth’s designs at Room101 Jewelry. He’s been doing this style in sterling silver for years. Interesting that he started doing high-quality stainless steel bracelets not long ago, and these show up.

Wait…what do they do? Like, how much storage do they have? And which ones are Bluetooth enabled?

Can links be taken out of ID bracelet?