BlackJack Electronic Handheld Game Woot Info Post
look at the size of those

BlackJack Electronic Handheld Game [New] - $0.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Electronic BlackJack Handheld Game - 473

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BlackJack Electronic Handheld Game
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Electronic BlackJack Handheld Game - 473

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I’m hoping there aren’t too many of these. It’s late at night… not as many wooters wooting. :frowning:

What?? No Texas Hold’em???

The only time I ever saw a late-night BoC was last year’s April Fool’s day.

Looks like the streak continues.

awww cmon!

OMG im not paying six bucks for this .50 cent piece of Chinese garbage!!!

Why WOULDN’T you buy 3?!?!?

Great Jumpin’ Jeehosaphaats…

Will it never end? Is the Sack of Excrement forthcoming?

Well… I guess I could pass the time with my hand held poker game…

oh wait…
I don’t have one.

In for none. :frowning:

Just Say No

crap, mother fucking piece of dollar store shit

haha 21 bitches

Holy carp!!! that is really it for me. 28 and one half hours. I’ve tried to get there , but I just can’t do it anymore

Don’t forget the lights on Woot’s birthday. I got my first BOC from that.

I notice some of you can tell how many they have how do you do that?

then dont buy it wouldnt want you to get arrested

I am going to Vegas baby!!!