Blackout Window Panel Pairs-Your Choice

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Blackout Window Panel Pairs-Your Choice
Price: $24.99
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The fabric is 38 inches wide each. So pulled closed they’ll both cover 76 or so inches of window (a little less obviously). It’s a pretty standard size for these.

isn’t 84 kinda long?

I found the latte listing…yay!!!

You can look elsewhere outside of Woot. What you see listed is what they are offering.

no it’s standard for decorative purposes. hang it at foot from the ceiling and it grazes the floor - that’s on standard 8 foot ceilings though. bigger windows on higher ceilings need longer panels

I bought these from woot maybe a month ago. The taupe color does not black out light, but it does dull it a good bit. They are not thick and do nothing for noise. They probably help thermally, but just a little.

Can’t complain given the price. I would say don’t get a light color if you want no light to get through.

Bought 3 sets of these last time in grey silver. Very happy with them. I used one set to cut and make valances. Just did this last week and ended up being short a set. I contacted the manufacturer and they directed me to groupon to buy another set, which was actually cheaper than I initially paid here.
I’m happy with the quality of these drapes for the price.

little wider and cheaper. nice!

curious if the Quincy style is just a flat color as opposed to the Daenerys…anyone ?

Useless deal unless you have a room with only three windows, since that’s the max one person is allowed to buy. Unfortunately the room I would want them for has 7 windows!

eh, not so much. what if you have 1 window that’s super wide? it would require 3 grommet panels to cover it, or 1 window that’s narrow enough it requires 1 grommet and a hook to pull it away from the center focal point as a movie theater curtain does…

some windows require 2 grommet panels width, but a 3rd will actually make it look better so they aren’t super stretched out

Who’s talking about grommets? I’m talking about needing 7 pairs but only allowed to buy 3.

Can I get one panel black and one wine/red in the Daenerys panel, please? It’ll go well in my Game of Thrones room.

Is there a ‘standard-curtain-grommet’? I’m using tab curtains now and don’t have a clue whether these would fit my current rods. What is the grommet’s diameter? Anyone?

Are all the different models blackout drapes? Or are some thinner?

oops…i meant grommet panels…

I’m taking these and making them into Roman Shade!! Perfect width and length to tailor to my needs & at a great price!

They’re all blackout.