Blandish Oppressive Cautiousr 951186

Blandish Oppressive Cautiousr 951186

Vopped quad.

VOPped right away.

Yes! Last time I wasn’t disappointed at all. Setting me up for good disappointment this time…

Got it despite having to log in again (even though I logged in 3 minutes ago), and had time to apply my TT HH coupon from October


They gone.

Vopped all day. Finally got through! Did the same thing every time. Must have been that 1/2 second quicker this time haha!

Got to the sign in only to get it yanked. And it never came through on app notification… Until already gone.

Glad I got mine for the month last week

Ohhh I knew it was coming lol. I was gonna post and say so too

still in the VOP

I got the push notification on my phone, tapped it immediately, and it was already to the blower.


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Woo hoo! After several trips to the VOP, persistence paid off! So excited to have success this morning! :smile:

Nope again. I haven’t been able to score any crap since July :(. C’mon Woot gods…

I can’t remember the last time I got a BOC that DIDN’T require me to log in. But, I got one this time as well, even with that slow down.

Graph update




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I think you’re pointing to a rather oversized section.

Are you trying to start a riot?

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