Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

I don’t get it.

wouldn’t it make sense to have this print a week before so you can actually wear the shirt during the voting day?

meh. might have been better a little earlier. could have worn it to the polls!

Would have been good on Election Day. If I order right now, do I get “overnight” shipping? :-/

Why now? It wouldn’t arrive in time for voting.

Woulda been an awesome 2fer. Such a great pair!

You’re right.

Damn yall are fast.

Is this the first time shirt.woot’s done a choice of shirts?

If only these were posted last week so I could wear them during election day!

Would get a conservative one if it wasn’t red; nothing in my wardrobe would match with it.

interesting! I think there are more bleeding heart liberals on this site if I were to make a guess . . .

Having said that, I am a dedicated conservative wingnut, and I frequent here quite often . . and “am better than anyone else” as my status indicates :slight_smile:

I need a Ron Paul shirt. !

…And the forums are going to be ablaze this evening… XP

does that mean he’s buying the red shirt?

No, but, I’d hate to get the wrong one for me in a random.

ETA: One that comes to mind is 'loves me", “loves me not”

yeah, would have made great gifts . . . I could have used both of them

I thought “Awesome! Woot’s gonna show the stats for each style and we get to watch which will win out [in terms of sales]!”

But… that is not the case.

Why the heck not?!

I got one of each, depends on how I’m feeling each day, should be fun to mess with people’s mind.
“b…but didn’t you wear one that said you were conservative yesterday?”
“Yes, well, today I changed my mind.”

In for a bleeding heart liberal for my second woot! My wallet, it burns!

Here’s a tip: you should be selling your Thanksgiving-related designs RIGHT NOW.

You should have been selling these around mid-October.

That would be quite the hilarious situation.