Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

If I went to live in a country, there is probably a reason I went there… if it’s a job… I would not take a job in country I would not want to live in/be associated with, no.

So to answer your question… if I were offered a job in China, I went there and liked it. I would try to legally move there and yes, I would want to be called Chinese.

I’d be satisfied with that, if i were you, and quit while you’re ahead.

Nice stab, but that is a major media lie. McCain does NOT plan to enact a tax on health care benefits. If you are interested on the ENTIRE, non-partisan story, read here: PolitiFact | A major distortion on McCain's policy

How do you feel about incest?

um, I wrote you a note Drew :slight_smile:

[shrugs] The decision to move here was not mine to make at the time. Believe me, as soon as I am in the position to get my filthy foreign self back from whence I came, I’ll be quite happy to do so. :wink:

My parting thought to all of you, before I bid you adieu for the evening: WHY SO SERIOUS??!!

Honestly, it’s the internet. Everyone unclench, and get some sleep.

I’m pretty sure what she said is true to the world of Woot.

That was the exact start of the best episode of Crossfire EVER!

I don’t think you’re filthy and foreign, please don’t get me wrong. I just wish people who didn’t want to live here would go where they were happy, so it’s not a problem for people who want to live here, ya know?

I just want people to be happy… you do not seem happy living in America.

Except when your intolerance for someone with a different view is so vitriolic. I am tempted to buy the red shirt and ship it to him, it would look perfect on him.

don’t let the back door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya :slight_smile:

(That is my Southern side coming out)

Thank you and good night.

I just hope Woot doesn’t use any kind of Diebold machines to fill orders…otherwise everyone is getting a red shirt.

Don’t let the screen door hit you…

Eh, I was going to send him a copy of the Marx-Engels Reader.

Good night, no worries. Your perspective is welcome. Hey people, I said I wanted blood, but leave the poor immigrant out of it! :slight_smile:

popcorn and coffee? together? seriously?

i’m afraid to ask who you’ll write in on your ballot.


I didn’t mean to imply you thought anything of the sort, luv. (It’s just that facetious, self-deprecating humour my people are known for.)

I’ve no quarrel with any of you, really. Just trying to add some lighthearted teasing to what seems to have become a really vitriolic and hate-fueled thread this evening.

[liberally sprinkles some more of my fairy-dust about in the hopes you’ll all wake up a little g@yer & more cheerful ;)]

William Wallace?