Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

I thought “Awesome! Woot’s gonna show the stats for each style and we get to watch which will win out [in terms of sales]!”

But… that is not the case.

Why the heck not?!

I got one of each, depends on how I’m feeling each day, should be fun to mess with people’s mind.
“b…but didn’t you wear one that said you were conservative yesterday?”
“Yes, well, today I changed my mind.”

In for a bleeding heart liberal for my second woot! My wallet, it burns!

Here’s a tip: you should be selling your Thanksgiving-related designs RIGHT NOW.

You should have been selling these around mid-October.

That would be quite the hilarious situation.

No. If you wore the shirt (or any political shirt), you are turned away from the voting booths and can’t vote.

In for 2 reds, no idea why.

Gifting one to my female Ron Paul supporter friend

graphics sorry

and shouldn’t the wingnut be below the word “conservative”?

They should have posted this last night, so that we could overnight them in time for the polls.

That would have been interesting.

This should be a feature.

No independent shirt… :‘’(

I liked this when I saw the small image. But when I saw that they are 2 different shirts, I’m out.

They are both true. They need to be on 1 shirt.


Unless its a liberal shirt and you’re there voting for the 4th time in an hour.

you could wear these. It is only illegal to wear shirts that indicate a specific party or candidate. Also any amendments or such that are being voted on.

They aren’t wacky enough for a single simple shape to represent them… although, they could have just wrote ‘independent’ on asphalt. Everyone loves asphalt L O L

Buy today. Get your shirt after the election.
If you end up the losing team, do you still wear it in public?
or save it for the next election?



That’s ok, we’ll forgive you.