Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

Crips are where its at l****ol

I could understand why you would think this because the conservative talking points has been pushing this ad nauseam and on it’s face it seems to make sense.

However your belief is completely unfounded. The lending and housing crisis was brought on by mortgage companies whose sole focus was on short term game and sleazy wall street investment banks.

Loans were made by companies that were not concerned about an applicant’s ability to pay them back. They were simply going to package the bad debt in a bundle and sell it to another ‘bank’ who tranched it off and sold it to investors as a residential mortgage backed security.

See back when banks were banks, they actually cared if you had the means to pay back your loans. After '99 no one gave a crap because they could find some schmuck to unload it on, get liquid, make more iffy loans and make money anyway.

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I would like to have the blurry question mark shirt for election day…

This thread really took off XD.

Pretty funny. In for my first ever shirt.woot. I’m picking up the red one. Would have liked it better if I could have had it for today.

Would have been better is people could actually wear this on election day.

woot perpetuates the dual party system…

I want one that’s about 50-50 to represent my Libertarianism.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen Alaska light up like that on the wooting map. I’ve always thought my home state just didn’t know about woot. Intriguing.

Now if only they’ll vote to bring Palin back home…


I wouldn’t slog through the 10 pages of this mess for anything. I get enough drama in the dorms as it is.

You can’t wear woot shirts to work, otherwise you get fired? Weird. I wear them to work all the time!

here ya go: buy one of each, cut them up the middle, sew different halves together. voila: two libertarian/independent/schizophrenic tees for $20 - or you could always sell one to a fellow libertarian.

ya know, i’m actually kinda liking this idea …

After a refreshing 7 hours of sleep, it’s nice to know that the forums remained heated throughout the night. Don’t forget to pull yourselves away from your computer and go vote today!

Wow, I can’t believe that so many people out there are this stereotypical. It’s too bad that people let themselves be classified so easily. Nobody seems to think that these shirts are pretty much just making fun of people just like the posters in this forum. People who blindly swear by whatever they label themselves as and insult other people based on labels instead of actually talking about the reasons they believe things.
Seriously do you guys think you’re going to do any good by insulting people of another party persuasion, that’s just going to give the person you’re insulting more reason to think whatever they think because they’ll negatively associate everything you stand for with the way you act.
If you actually care about a candidate or a cause then why don’t you try using facts instead of propaganda and insults

I know it doesn’t matter, but I really like endangeredomega. He seems really intelligent and witty and obviously isn’t afraid of being honest in the face of bed-wetting American patriotism. Hmmmm…maybe I’ll write him in today when I vote! Endangeredomega '08! Change I can believe in.

Nonsense. Haven’t you heard the popular sound bite, “You’re either with us, or against us.” There IS no middle ground! This is America! You’re a liberal or a conservative! You’re with us or against us! You’re American or you’re Scum! You’re a millionaire or you’re underprivileged! You like country or you like western! Tastes Great or Less Filling!

We are a land of absolute polarities because it’s easier to portray a polarised opinion that people can understand than it is to wade into the murky grey of reality where the masses become easily confused.

Your statement must therefore be viewed under the lens of an extremely polarised opinion. Saying that you are glad you’re not American means you must be against us, ergo hate us (or at least think you’re superior, which is just as bad, because there’s nothing an American likes less than feeling inferior to someone else).

I think it would have come off better had you said something like, “I’m just glad I’m not American, so I’m not even allowed to participate in this sort of choice.” While inherently untrue (as you do have your own choices of thought that no one can take away), and a complete cop out, it portrays you as almost wishing you COULD participate, but your inherent lack of American-ness means you’re left out in the cold (and therefore inferior, which is always good for American morale).

Overall, though, and this is the part I find most amusing, your biggest mistake was wading into an even SEMI-political-related discussion and expecting a sense of humour. The psychological principle of cognitive dissonance brings out the worst in everyone. :wink:



I share your pain :frowning:

But what fun would non-polarized politics be? You couldn’t machine gun soundbites if everyone bothered to look up facts and stop making generalizations about the other person. :wink: