Bleeding Heart Liberal or Wingnut Conservative

Hmm wonder if those Okies are red or blue??? Let me know so I know who my fellow wooters are here in OKlahoma!!!

I don’t want to hear the word Maverick for a long time!

But i still am voting for him. That word was played out months ago!


Woot’s own election…

They will sell both shirts and determine the Pesident based off of their sales data. DUH…

I’m in for a RED. I voted (twice, kinda like most blue voters)


Remember how ugly the thread got over the shirt with the chicken in the Native American head dress? That was frightening that night.

L0L my thoughts exactly :slight_smile:

I always enjoy your posts.

Conservatives are always louder.

Maybe the conservs are complaining about the timetable…

In Carrollton, Texas it is illegal to manufacture or sell politically-inspired clothing and merchandise, upon punishment of instant execution. Generally, we prefer to throw you in the pond behind w00t, or help you fly off of the 35/635 interchange. This is your only warning. Tokyo Teriyaki is Korean-owned and operated. Thank me later.


Born and rasised in RED Mississippi and live in RED Oklahoma…me blue as hell

Voter fraud is a terrible thing. I hope you’re just as concerned about voter suppression. Only, somehow I doubt it.

Ha. Yes indeed.

yeah because conservative and liberal are political parties…

buy the conservative one and draw a clown nose on the wingnut


I am majorly addicted to woot.

In for one blue for me because I’m a bleeding heart liberal and one red for my boyfriend who’s a wingnut conservative. Awesome.

I see this thread getting that way, quick

…maybe in hicksville, if you’re wearing the wrong one.

Buttons pins tshirts etc are all supposed to be permitted.