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Today at Home.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE BLENDERS AND MOAR BLENDERS!!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.



I’ve had a Ninja blender for 5 years now, never had an issue with it. That thing is amazing. Well worth every penny :smiley:

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Blenders - Choose from 9 Styles
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Would love a Vitamix, sadly I’m saving up for a big vacation and can’t pick one up today:(

Check out these comments from when the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker was offered in July

I don’t know if I would spend $500 on a blender w/ only a 90day warranty. That seems pretty ludicrous. If these don’t have the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with it, no way am I buying

Darn… I just bought the Kitchenaid in Red over at Amazon for $40 more. In the few weeks I’ve had it I’ve been very satisfied. If only I had known.

Looks like it comes with the same 1-year warranty as it would at any other retail shop.

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I’d love to get the Vitamix, it looks lik e a good price. IF it come with everything a new Vitamix comes with. The tamper, the cookbook and the 7 year warranty. Can anyone confirm what it comes with?? And I is it the stainless steel model??

I beg to differ. I have the Ninja…huge POS. While it works, the design of the blender is such that it’s incredibly hard to clean. There are little add-on plastic parts on the blending container that food particulates easily get stuck in and can form mold. Not easy to remove either. You literally have to disassemble the blender container with a screwdriver just to clean it every so often. The blends that I get out of it are pretty poor. Smoothies aren’t that smooth, even after blending them for 5 minutes.

Saying to heck with it and bought a Vitamix.

agree the ninja is a POS. i was interested in the vitamix until i saw it only has a 90 day warranty? they have these all the time at places like costco for not much more with the full factory warranty. sorry woot not spending 500$ for only a 90 day warranty.

not sure about the extras but it says right on the page for each vitamix they only have a 90 day warranty.

I thought it has 2 years warranty for Vitamix Refurb. 90 days is a bit steep for that price?

[MOD: Our Vitamix blenders are new]

Considering that Vitamix sells the 750 refurbished with a 5-year warranty for the same price off their website (US only), yeah, I don’t think this is a good deal.

I bought a refurbished Vitamix 5200 through Woot about a year ago for $265. It came with a 5-year VITAMIX warranty. I think if I remember correctly it was advertised as having a 90-day WOOT warranty. They didn’t say anything about the Vitamix warranty. However, there was something about the Vitamix warranty in the box.

I use it almost every morning. It is so much better than the Oster Beehive it replaced. If you use a blender often, I highly recommend a Vitamix.

The Vitamix blenders are NEW. There’s a list on the specs as to what comes in the box on most of the items. The warranty is a 90-day Woot warranty.

We have the margaritaville concoction maker and it’s great poolside or infield camping at NASCAR, but the pricing is no different here than the big warehouse store and I get a return policy there. I’m really getting frustrated with woot’s ‘deals’ lately. They are not deals at all

Was about to pull the trigger on the Vitamix 750 until I saw it only has a 90 day warranty. No manufacturer warranty on a brand new item? Sup with that?

I owned and tested 2 different Ninja blender models for a time, but I had to return them as I was greatly dissatisfied with the consistency of my smoothies, along with the frustrating task of cleaning them. I purchased a Vitamix soon after and never looked back! I think I have the Turboblend VS, which seems to be a less expensive model than what is offered here (although I paid more for it than the 300 series). It obliterates everything that I throw at it, including whole avocado seeds (the seeds are very healthy)! As these models are new, I would have to assume that the full Vitamix warranty is offered, on top of the Woot warranty. Great blenders!

Wish we could get Woot staff to chime in on if this is the case or not