Blenders & Juicers

Just fyi: I have the Cuisinart Citrus Juicer & it’s easy enough to clean (just make sure you rinse it right after you use it) and works like a champ. Also have a Breville Juice Fountain Plus, which is amazingly quick. A little more difficult to clean, but again, at least rinse it immediately after use and it cleans up nicely.

Be warned. The Omega blenders are NOT new items. I read the comments from the last deal and everyone received open box items, including me! (I received 6 for 6 blenders already opened). Customer service is a nightmare to deal with. The items come in the factory box that is OPEN, and that is within a shipping box that is open and re-sealed. The factory boxes look like they’ve been handled and dropped. Not very impressed as I cannot give these away as gifts as planned.

Woot said they would issue a partial refund for the mixup. Then they came back later and said they would NOT! Reneged on their own promise.

Stay away from this deal if you want new items.

As for customer service, I have been weeks going in circles with “Kat” who is rude and unable to offer any solution. In fact, when I ask to speak to another rep or have a manager call me, she continues to reply and says “further correspondence will not be responded to”. I can’t believe Amazon, with unbelievable customer service, owns Woot.

I’m sorry for the experience you’ve had, I’ll check in with CS on your emails this afternoon.

Where are the vitamixes??? I am looking for one!!

Groupon had refurbed ones on for $300. Probably sold out now.