Blendtec Designer Series Blender

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Blendtec Designer Series Blender
Price: $349.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Mar 08 to Friday, Mar 09) + transit
Condition: New


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What happened to Woot? A $350(550) blender? I haven’t been happy with them for a long time. I’m deleting my bookmark, and won’t be checking it every day (prob at all). Good luck.

We have many cooks that are Woot customers that look for quality kitchen gear at a good price.

I’m sorry that you’re not interested in it but that doesn’t mean that others aren’t.

Also, nice dramatic exit.

I did not buy one from Woot, but I did buy a Blendtec 4 years ago. There are over 2000 cycles on it and it is still holding up strong. I had a Ninja blender before for making smoothies and there is no comparison. The Ninja left chunks of carrot, spinach, or whatever else I was blending, while the Blendtec makes everything smooth. Completely worth every penny over a less expensive blender.
They are cheaper than a lot of the Vitamix blenders and significantly shorter too. Mine fits under my cabinets, while a Vitamix would be too tall.

I bought a Blendtec about 12 years ago. Still going strong for a daily smoothie! Had to replace the jug about 4 years ago but that was easy enough. These things don’t die, real talk.

Got a shirt for youas one last purchase. Sorry you don’t like high end blenders.

i come to look for GOOD deals on things i need, 350 for a blender aint one of them

Actually…this IS a really good deal for this kind of blender. Want a $35 piece of junk, go to Walmart…and then get ready to replace it in 2 months. These ones last forever.

Oh no!
With one purchase every 5 to 12 months, how will dear old Woot keep their lights on and servers running? How will TT keep gas in her pickup truck?
With one post every 41 months, how will the online Woot “community” stay vibrant?
I’m not really trying to be mean, but you do realize that your stats are visible, right?
You joined in Nov 2007, bought 10-24 woots in 124 months, and posted 3 times.
Checking your woot bookmark every day?

I paid over 400.00 for mine 6 years ago (it’s still going strong). This is a pretty good deal. Does it blend? Yes it does!

I agree completely. Unfortunately my old made in the USA Hamilton Beach that I’ve had since college in the mid 80’s refuses to die. So it’s lumpy smoothies and chunky daiquiris for a few more years, until it goes away to college again. But with tuition costs I’ll probably not be able to afford a fancy Dan blender…

He can delete his bookmark, but good luck forgetting the URL.

For what it’s worth, Cooks Illustrated did a head to head comparison of high end blenders in the Jan/ Feb 2018 magazine. They rated two Vitamix’s, a Kitchenaid, a Breville, and a Blendtec (not this model). Prices ranged ~$400-$700. The Blendtec didn’t fare well, but again, NOT this model. It seems most of the major negative comments might not apply, except for the blade speed being unable to emulsify mayonnaise, and noise. But YMMV. Cheers! (Why am I spending a perfectly good snow day writing about blenders? No idea.)

haha well I pulled this move a couple years ago also. Being the entitled millenial I am, I feel the need to express my frustration when things change. Those changes, be them for the better or worse, make me think… we millenials don’t like to think. LOL XD

and yet… here I still am, posting nonsense, still buying shit I don’t need haha

I seriously don’t understand how there are people who still haven’t seen the “Will it blend?” series on YouTube or know that Blendtec is a premium blender.

I got mine two years ago, and it beats the hell out of everything else. I have a Ninja in a box somewhere…

hmmmm… I wonder if a Blendtec will blend a Ninja?

If you’re not interested in a high performance blender, that’s your choice. But make no mistake, this is a good deal on a GREAT product! In fact I’d say it’s worth every penny even at full price.

I’ve had a Designer Series since August 2013 and absolutely love it. It’s changed my life. I just recently bought a second Blendtec for my condo too.

“Soul Mate Smoke… Don’t Breathe This!”