Blendtec Designer Series Blender

Confused, This woot page for this Blendtec blender shows pics of two different models and a different total package of what the woot includes. Any way to get the correct info on this woot. I am interested but not exactly sure what info is correct.

Thanks for pointing this out! We updated the images. The features and specs were all correct.

Could you tell me what’s the matching model # used on Blecdtec’s website? 625, 650, 675, or 725? Also why on Blecdtec’s website it shows standard warranty as 8 years while on woot here it shows only 7 years? Thanks.

Hi there. This model isn’t on their site.

They recently changed their warranties. We’re checking with our vendor as to which is correct.

Thanks a lot! Yes the 8-year warranty is new for this year.