Bleuet Cookset & Fuel Combo

Anyone know how this compares to the Esbit stove ?

I have one and like it fine, but am always looking to buy/try new gear!

Honestly from what I have read, its looks comparable to esbit. Honestly I just want to burn twigs in it instead of using it the fuel pellets. If it doesn’t work out I got a nice pot to use backpacking.

I just got mine in today the quality looks good it is light weight. I will be trying to see how well it does as a twig burner.

I bought one as well, but it hasn’t shipped yet.
I have the esbit one and the plastic feet looked like they would need to be removed or replaced to burn twigs.

They do have plastic feet, and I will replace them with something else that can with stand the heat. Worst case scenario is I use a couple of bolts and nuts as the feet.

I just got mine. Far inferior to the Esbit stove. It’s smaller, the metal feels thinner, and the “adjustable” air intake is meaningless with all of the holes in the bottom!

At $20 I feel like I got screwed.