Blind Box Series I Plushie - 3 Pack

Blind boxes are awful. What are we? Magic the Gathering?

No one likes random packs unless it’s cheap. $8 for a random plushie when there is a specific one I want, is dumb.

There are specific ones I’d pay for. If they all had dangly strings so I could hang them from pins or rear view mirrors, I’d pay for them.

As is, I LOVE the idea. I just wish I could make sure I’d get one I liked.

Touch Fuzzy. Get Dizzy.

I got these last year - I have the entire set except for the artichoke. I am buying a set in the hopes I get it and am willing to trade the ones I already have to get it.

Last year they DID all have dangly strings. I hung mine on my Christmas tree. Looking at the picture I think they all have strings again, they’re just hiding some.

Best of luck on getting the artichoke!
I am getting a set as well, I am hoping for the unicorn and the cupcake!!

I got a ton of these last year to make sure I got a full set. I actually still have several extras I’d be happy to pawn off. For anyone interested, I have…

SOLD OUT: “Acquired Taste” (zombie w/ sandwich)
SOLD OUT: Cathulhu
SOLD OUT: “Makin’ Bread” (cat with dough)
2x “How We Roll” (red d20 die)
SOLD OUT: nude cupcake)
SOLD OUT: “Fat Unicorn” (unicorn munching a rainbow)
SOLD OUT: “Nevermore” (Poe Raven covered in text from “The Raven”)

All are still new in box and unopened. If anyone is interested, PM me.

PM sent. :slight_smile:

anyone know where ‘catffiene’ is (which series) and does anyone have an extra?

Is there a list of what’s in this series, or series II, anywhere?

Never did get a foxie. :frowning:

No list, but if you look at the alternate photos, you can see what all is in series I and II.

Good plan. Thank you!

13 plushies in series one though. 12 pictured plus a secret one.

If anyone ended up with a ninja they’d like to get rid of, I’d be interested.

They are on the way! So I ordered 9 of them hoping I could get a artichoke - I have a feeling I will have plenty for trading.

I got my plushies!
2x Makin’ Bread (kitty holding dough; I thought it was a burger)
1x Fresh cake (nude cupcake)

Anyone interested in a trade? I really want the ninja, but I also like the orange, penguin bunny, raven, fox, zombie, or artichoke. Heck, I like most of these! I should have bought more than I pack!

Makin’ Bread Cat x 2
Nevermore Raven
How We Roll D20

Looking to trade or buy:
Okey Dokey Artichoke
Imposter Penguin

Message me if interested!

Also interested in Say No to Scurvy Orange!

The fox was the one I wanted most but never got, despite buying several sets! Does anyone have a fox (or two?) they’d be willing to trade or sell? Extras I have are:

2x zombies
1x penguin bunny

PM me if interested!! :slight_smile: