Blind Box Series II Plushie

I hope I get a Professor Plum.

HaHaHa, that’s the same one I need. Hope they have some left.

Apparently I missed a series 1. Now I am eminently sad.

Where have I been? They have these? I want the Prof Plum or Colonel Mustard!

Why aren’t the 2nd and 3rd going in as 50% off like it says.

It’s saying they’re 50% off. We used to sell them for $8.

Just got mine, sadly no Plum. I got another Donut, Mustard, and one box that had nothing in it at all. Must be that special super rare invisible plush. Guess I’ll be contacting support.

I got a white rabbit. Does it have a name?

I believe it’s @Fablefire’s meat bunny.

Ahh! I thought it was holding a small surfboard, but it very well could be a steak. Thanks!

I got three Coffee Right Meow cats…

They must of had a few of those left, I got the same

Quite a clowder of cats!

I got the “Go Sports!” one. Thrice.

My replacement came today, was just expecting one but they sent me three more. Still no Plum but this time I got a Totes McGoats, Serotonin, and a Yay Taco.

Did anyone get a Plum? Ever?

I did get a Plum in the first round of Series II, but I traded it for a Cathulhu…

Three meat bunnies for me, would have loved more variety.

I just got mine; coffee cat, yay sports, and col. mustard. Was hoping for Dino with cupcake as I have that shirt, and stationary from the artist. Oh well.

Three Donut Panic for me. I’m willing to trade for any Walmazan characters.