Blind Box Series II Plushie

Bought 3 boxes the last time. Got the same plush 3 times. As much as I’d love to have several of them, I won’t risk it again this time. :frowning:

They should sell these in combo, with the character on the mug, being the same as the plushie.

I am in for 3 - and my fingers are crossed that the trex is one of them!

:frowning: You had me excitedly looking for the non-existent mugs sale

Here’s hoping mine is any of them except the white ball one.

I buy these every chance I get. Even the duplicates bring me great joy.

Thanks to the promo, I’m in for three more. Cute plushies, blind boxes… I’m such a sucker!

Every time this comes up, I eye it because of the penguin.

I need more penguin plushies (in general).

Keeping my fingers crossed for Colonel Mustard, I think I have 5 Professor Plumb

I need the goat! Argh!

(From the product description on the sale page)

-Decorative Use Only

-Not a Toy

Well, I’m frightened now.

do they squeak?

Nothing to be afraid of. If it’s called a toy, every different item would have to be independently verified that it conforms to all safety regulations for materials, construction, flambilty, etc.

If it’s not a toy, such aspects are not mandatory.

No squeaking.

ME TOO. sigh

I would pay someone for the taco, specifically. If only for my SO who loves tacos. The rest of them I have no interest in, unfortunately.

I ordered two and got two zombie donuts, would anyone like to trade for one?

How does one “collect all 13” if “Limit 3 per customer”?

By the way, if you’re trying to collect all 13, this is a classic coupon collectors problem. You would expect to have to buy 42 to “collect all 13”. However, you could be the long tail.

With 42 being the meaning of life, you have to wonder if woot chose 13 different stuffies on purpose.

I dont get it, if they are a blind box with a random plushie, then why so many duplicates if you order more than 1? 1 in 13 odds… are they being stuffed into the box before shipped?

Im looking for the zombie donut myself but mine has not arrived yet.

These are fairly aged. At the time we got them, the vendor put all of one design into a box. Warehouse was supposed to pull from different boxes but it didn’t work out that way. :frowning: We’re left with a bunch of dupes and we don’t know what’s in the boxes.