Blind Box Series II Plushie

Blind Box Series II Plushie

What’s the size on these?

about the size of a closed fist

Thought so… thanks for the info!

no worries, i realized after writing online that may have sounded fightlike but it was the most accurate way to describe it haha

I bought multiples on a prior sale - got 3 Colonel Mustards and 1 Bunny. They aren’t kidding when they say to expect duplicates!

I have no idea why I just ordered more of these, I have the set.

Any series one left?

Im still missing two after opening over 40 of them.

Which 2, and do you have any extra penguins?

BOC and the Penguin are what Im missing from S1.

Also these just arrived today

(or go away… all five were Sportsball)

Do you still need a penguin?

I ordered 5 and received 4 penguins and a taco.

80% were penguins? :heart_eyes:

Got 3 x the weird blue thing with the orange headband and wasted two hours trying to identify him in woot shirts… ugh. Does anyone know who he is? Thanks!

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A Walmazan classic.


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Omg thank you!!! :heart: You rock milord.

I wanted a robot. Or a bunny or goat or penguin or cat or dinosaur. I got freaking Colonel Mustard. Oh well.


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