BlindWine Wine Game - Gift Week

BlindWine Wine Game - Gift Week
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how are you going to add this to the song? 6 Thank you postcards?

possibly 6 Invitations

It’s always the butler with the candlestick. I grow tired of this game.

I always thought the #1 wine tasting game was "Drink An Entire Bottle Of Wine As Fast As You Can, Then Try To FORGET Who You Came To The Party With.”

I was just told by the SO we will DIY this game with socks and scratch paper. 20$ towards the wine then. Who is in?

That’s the great thing about BlindWine! There is a new gold medal winner everytime.

That was the original idea of the game but all my friends were scared to come back to my house for a rematch.

Haven’t most of us already proven we can’t tell one wine from another?

And no…this time I don’t mean you-know-who. :tongue:

Best reply to a naysayer I’ve seen, imho. If only it’d been Clay…

The trick is to use clean socks

Oh, wait, the first one…

I really like the premise of this woot, but the only person I know of that would appreciate it isn’t someone who is on my Christmas list, heh.

Definitely one really cool gold medal.

That was because the sock conditions were so bad, on the sniffy/sniff, the friends weren’t sure if it was the socks or cheap non-woot wine! :wink:

Just as long as I don’t have to tell a cab from a merlot.

We are excited to have our BlindWIne game featured on wine.woot. I really hope everyone has a great time with it. Happy Holidays!

In for two - an upgrade to paper liquor bottle bags. Not sure about the pencils though. After all the sampling, not sure if we’d be able to write. Just need colored ink pads. Good = thumbs up fingerprint. Carp = middle digit fingerprint.

…Wait a minute…where’s the WOOT Monkey logo???

But did they get you to trade your Primitivo for Bordeaux? Zinfandel for Sangiovese?

So, do you suggest everyone bring the same varietal or at least bottle style? Cause if you go mixing Cabs and Syrah, even though it’s “blind” the bottle would give away what’s what and could skew results.

This would be exactly opposite in my house