BlindWine Wine Game



BlindWine Wine Game
$14.99 + $5 shipping
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product(s): 1 BlindWine Wine Tasting Game

Someone gets a cookie for a great guess!


now that looks like fun. actually, just the bags are worth it.


Good guess!

Definitely getting one of these :slight_smile:


I like… sellout happening.


I thought it was like a BOC of Wine! oh well

I like the game even more! Great Xmas gifts here!


Congradulations to the person who guest it would be this in yesterday blog.


ehhhhhh, what?

On another note, looking forward to that case of Humbug that should be arriving shortly. Yumbug.


These are $19.99 on the Blind Wine website.


Mine is hanging out in my wine cooler… can’t wait to crack one open


You will not be disappointed by the Humbug. I’m drinking some right now; yum!


Dang, this would be a nice present for my mom… I gotta pray it’s still in stock in the morning when I’ll have some money deposited!


Same on amazon

  • $5 shipping makes it $25 total… Wine.Woot for the win


from the product description:
“Contains everything you need for a wine tasting with up to 12 guests:”

so does this mean it comes w/ wine too?


For crapsakes Woot! Be you running out of juice, or what?
Leave this stuff for regular woot! Give us RED!!!


Got mine last week and broke it open with steak and ribs…was very good! All three guests liked it!


Thanks Woot for the holiday shopping idea; I’m in for three.


Nice. We play this sometimes at my buddies house and its always fun seeing how good the wines we drink really are compared to how good we think they are.


This looks like alot of fun!