Bling Of The Dead

Well, it may have metallic ink, but I don’t see this selling out.

What am I, an Ancient Egyptian? I don’t need any precious metals with me in my afterlife…

If Pac-Man and The Punisher ever designed a T-shirt together, I imagine it might look like this.

I’m guessing some people will immediately assume this is a Pac-Man reference. That might help it.

The shininess of the design may detract somewhat from the badassery, but I don’t particularly care.

All I see is the skull of a man with poor teeth-brushing skills.

Just looks plain evil… sorry WooT - not my style.

Gangster ghost skull! Did I state the obvious? Ok, so is it for the nerdy or blingy…

Wait… So it’s NOT a Pac-Man reference? If I already ordered one, can I pretend that it is?

This is embarrassing. seriously who is in charge of picking the dailys now?

I just see rows and rows of sugary ghosty Peeps (Google says Ghost Peeps also a band and not just a Halloween treat)

Any one else get the heebie jeebies from this thing? I think that this shirt ranks top three for me in creepiest woot shirts ever.

Oooooo! Shiny metal! In for 1!

A better name for this shirt would be “Bling out your dead!”

Pacman would be in heaven if he got anywhere near these guys after eating a Power Pellet.

Wakka wakka wakka…

I liked the design so I checked out his site…I liked the shirts but come on, show me a picture of the design larger than 190x190px, I’m dying here!

Those some nice grillz, yo! Why you hatin’ on the teeth?

Is the white ink used applied to the shirt through screen printing or is it that lame raised letter puffy ink stuff? Because I am guessing that is how the “metallic” ink is applied (raised)… And as gangsta’ as I am (white boy) I do hate wearing South Pole-esque clothing. Doesn’t go over well with my brotha’s.

so much good work out there, and we get this?

c’mon, woot. The derbies are bad enough lately, can’t we get a few quality pieces during the week?