Bling Of The Dead

Should have saved this for el Día de los Muertos. :^)

I don’t really have anything to say about the shirt, I was just surprised to see that there are only 20 comments this late in the morning. Odd.

The Count Chocula cereal pieces have escaped.

Not odd at all. Lack of posts are directly reflective of lack of interest in the shirt.

I sense a long-winded diatribe if this trend continues (no names please.) You’ve been warned Woot!

The Legend of B. R. Utal, Spirit Crusher is pretty funny. I’m tempted to make it into a cheesy movie.

I might just be a woot!noob, but to my knowledge the most of the metallic ink shirts I’ve seen have gold teeth in them.

Hmm…subliminal message?

Perhaps he was a heavy smoker?

Despite being akin to a goldfish and loving the hell out of shiny things, I just can’t do it.

That is the same exact thought I had when I saw the shirt. I had to go double check to make sure that I hadn’t read the title wrong.

“Bling Out Your Dead” Dong…

Thats the only reason it got my attention… is it not?

Yay. copy/paste effort.

Ill just proclaim my ignorance now. I don’t get this shirt at all. Someone kindly explain. …


Best word to describe the reaction to this shirt…apathy.

Nah… just not interesting enough. It looks like a children’s T for the Punisher symbol.

I kinda like it but wouldn’t wear it

You people are all a bunch of woosies. This tee shirt is creepy? really??

Kind of bland, actually. I’ll save my money for the football designs.

I’m pretty sure this is a Snood reference. Just Google search Snood skull and check out our friendly skull friend who shows up.