Blingtones: Cell Phone Accessories

Only IPhone accessories, what about andriod smartphone users.

You don’t matter. iPhones make up more than 50% of the smartphone market share.


You do realize that Android devices, particularly Samsung’s, make up a larger percent of the market share than Apple’s?


The ACTUAL reasoning for a much smaller amount of Android accessories is what we call “device fragmentation”. Device fragmentation occurs in the case of Android when there are literally hundreds; even thousands of different devices for accessories to be made for, especially made-to-fit accessories. It’s harder for manufacturers to mass produce those and turn a profit.

Apple devices are a small selection. They’re cold cut, refined, and to an exact dimension, and there’s only a few of them. Easier to mass produce, easier to profit from.

However, Samsung’s devices are the essentially the iPhone for Android in terms of accessories. If you need lots of extras with/for your phone, buy a Samsung phone.

Xtreme Cables 51901 Bluetooth Wireless Music Reciever
RecEIver… I before E except after C.

Device has poor reviews.

I feel like it should be a reportable offense for providing inaccurate information in a snotty manner. By the way, it’s 2013 and not 2011, just so you know.

Here’s some more information proving you wrong. These links were turned up with a quick and non-biased google search :

If you’re going to be a snot and tell someone “they don’t matter”, try and get your information straight first, yeah?

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Also, woot, seriously we want Samsung 4s cover love.

The Incipio Edge Pro case is great. I ordered two, my wife took one and my daughter the other to replace the crappy cases they had.

i wanna Iphone NOW ,just iphone.but its a truble to get it,bcz its so far.

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I absolutely agree.

Android devices are roughly 80-85% of the smartphone market with the bulk of those being Samsung Galaxy devices, the S3 and S4 being the most popular (my family packs five S3 phones, not counting the two my daughter has broken). I am happy with my S3 and won’t be upgrading to the S4, there’s not a sufficient reason to do so yet.

So where’s the Android or Samsung love, Woot?

Simultaneously condesending, snotty AND wrong…a trifecta.

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