Blingy Olive Cocktail

Finally got to the… Nope


G*******t, I’d p**s on a spark plug if I thought it’d do any good!

I hit resubmit my order so many times, I should be getting a pallet full of crap, and a big bill.

Well that was a… crappy way to wake up.
Never thought I’d prefer the VOP.


im on my PC via ethernet (VPN not connected) and my phone when the BoCs appear, still can’t get very far. I am kind of delayed, tho, as im typing on discord/here/other places and watching youtube

i got to the checkout for the first bag, and then was given the infamous 504 error

i tried a bunch of times, probably didnt help the flow of things but i wanted one lol

More info:


Keep on losing boc at checkout…

Spaghetti code and meatballs?

Meat Ball Food GIF

You are evil. Very befitting your cat avatar.


sned spaghett pls

am hunger

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Yeah it finally landed in my cart… A minute after everything was over.

Jodie Whittaker Test GIF by Doctor Who

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Mikey Day News GIF by Saturday Night Live

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Still same issues :tired_face::tired_face::broken_heart::disappointed:

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Wooters are the coders guinea pigs LoL
guinea pig GIF


We can buy test environment data for this very reason…

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That’s not cool, man

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At least I got to verify myself 20+ times and put it in a cart that I never got access to. Slow but steady progress.


I think it’s more like we’re the guinea pigs…

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Rats are at least given food pellets when given psychological and mental gymnastic testing…

I want my food pellets!

i think those are called Larabars,

they’re actually pretty good

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