Blink and You're...

Easily the scariest shirt I’ve seen on woot.

A new derby design, every half hour, from 9-5? This means Woot has a chance to print a whole bunch of NEW artists and maybe even some decent designs.

Too bad we can’t start with a decent design. Blah!

I never got around to buying the shirt even though I voted for it. Now I’m glad I waited. If I had the shirt I couldn’t have justified buying the hoodie. This will be great on the days when it’s a little too chilly for my lightweight apocalypse ponies hoodie.

I just received the “Blink and You’re dead” shirt and it’s AWESOME. The glow-in-the-dark ink is extremely bright, more so than I’ve ever seen. Great design, love the shirt. Get it!

I just got m Blink and You’re dead tshirt and i loved it so much that i just bought the zip hoodie!

Guess it was a good thing I was up at 1 in the morning. Most normal people would be in bed…btw anyone have a hammer I can borrow? Seems I cant stop spending money on this site.

Ugh! Been wanting glow-in-the-dark hoodie so bad I probably would of gotten one even tho there’s only been one Doctor for me. (And episode for that matter, #4 and the Pyramid of Mars.) That is if I wasn’t asleep at the time went on.

3-9 woots in 2 years? You haven’t even begun to start spending money…

Ok, so this is a little frustrating - the other Woot-offs are available for slightly higher pricing, but not this one? Because of its derby standing?

I get all the emails, check Woot as often as I can, but there was no warning and I would LOVE to have picked up a Blink hoodie. (Can’t do the t-shirt, I admit it’s so well done I’d scare myself too much! But give me my hoodie!)

Please please please make more totes! I totally missed this one. :frowning:

Did I miss something about the shipping info? It has been 10 days and I still don’t even have tracking info. Has anyone else not gotten theirs yet?

You will more than likely receive your tracking tomorrow.

If you still don’t see any activity by then, please write into and let them know.

Still no activity on mine, either. I’m sending an email though. I was really hoping to have this by the weekend. :-/

I totally had to wear a non DW shirt to the DW screening last night. So much sad.

Really though, do we have an estimated print/ship date for the hoodies/totes of this?

That would have made me sad, also. I would have loved to go to the screening, but the prices here were too steep for me and my brood.

I’d really, really like to have mine by the weekend so that I can wear it when I go out of town to my brother’s. Any chance you guys can upgrade the shipping since this is taking so much longer than originally expected?

I didn’t realize either- but all Shirt-Off items start shipping on 8/27.

Good to know! I don’t remember spotting that anywhere on the sale page, or I wouldn’t have harassed you. Thanks!

Yeah, my order page said 7-10 days for shipping. I assumed that it meant we’d receive the orders within 7-10 days, but I guess it meant they wouldn’t be shipping for 7-10 business days and they are still within that window.

I’m still interested in upgrading shipping. I’d even pay the extra $5 for it at this point if it’d guarantee I’d get it by Friday.

Has anyone gotten their hoodie yet? I received my tee-shirt in the mail yesterday but haven’t received any shipping information for the hoodie.