Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System - 1st Gen (5 Cam Kit)

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System - 1st Gen (5 Cam Kit)

No Monthly Subscription Fee!
Peace of mind shouldn’t cost a fortune or come with a monthly price tag. Blink systems start at a price you can afford and our cloud storage service is free!

Does anyone know if this is still true?
I thought they started charging for cloud storage as of a certain date…

For gen 1, they do not.

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I have 3 XT2’s and a XT. I also have 1 indoor blink.

XT2, XT and Indoor (gen 1) cameras receive 7200 seconds of basic cloud storage per Sync Module, free for the life of the device. This is separate from a subscription plan. When one of these cameras is set up on a Sync Module 2, that Sync Module 2 is assigned 7200 seconds of basic cloud storage just for them

Bottom line, you get like 2 hours of accessible storage. Depending on how you set up your zones, all you need a few seconds, alerts and you can always live view or have the recording continue till the movement stops. Yes, it eats up your batteries faster but… as far as storage, the basic system DOES have free storage. I got a indoor unit a couple months back. It has free storage also. Yes, I got my XT2’s before the 2020 cut off date. However, if you still buy a XT basic system, you appear to still get the free storage. Having used the 1’s and 2’s and indoor, there isn’t much difference (indoor has a wider view) in the quality of the video anyway. But the more you have on your system, the slower it is to access them.