Blink Indoor – wireless, HD security camera

Blink Indoor – wireless, HD security camera

Can someone confirm whether these work with the old grandfathered free plans from back in the day before Amazon took over?

Probably best to check with Blink.

Which gen?

Third gen according to Amazon.

Why did these just go up $20.00 in a matter of days?

See my answer to your other question.

Can anyone explain the “refurbished 1/2/3/4” to me? All I’m getting in online searches is explanations of the word refurbished, or how to guides to become a seller on Amazon

It’s all the same. Woot can’t combine them all into one drop down pick because they have different warehouse numbers or something so they have to add a number.

It’s a wooty quirk.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

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I am not pleased with this purchase at all. In the 3 weeks since I set these cameras up. I have to either reset the camera, the module or both 3 times. The last time I had to delete all cameras and the sync module to get it to work. Returning today. Do not buy!