Blink Mini- Indoor Smart Security Camera

Blink Mini- Indoor Smart Security Camera

Mine arrived about four days after placing the order. Condition said: “Used – Acceptable.” They were factory sealed in a Blink 2-pack box and could not be distinguished from new. At the price I paid, I’m sorry I don’t need any more right now.


Mine came in the same state (Blink factory box with all packaging in tact), but one of the cameras was already registered to another account. I am working with Woot’s friendly staff on a resolution, but I would recommend trying to set them up if you have not already. Cheers!

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Does the 2 pack comes with the sync module??

It does not. These are the wired versions, not the wireless, so there is no synch module needed.

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Interesting. Thanks for the info.

What @edistowill said, i.e. mine arrived like new and easily installed without any notice of prior registration. Yes, the cam is wired…but only for power via the included USB charger. The network connection is 2.4GHz wireless.
This is my first “puppy” cam and should I decide I need video storage, I’ll skip a Cloud subscription and order a Blink Sync Module 2 (currently $35 on mothership) that supports a USB thumb drive and up to 10 Blink cams.


Yes, I just set mine up and they are pristine and I cannot tell they were ever used. I’d buy more if I wasn’t holding out for some wireless models.

Also, I noticed that the 30-day free trial of the Plus Plan has also caused my older (non Plan) phones to have all the paid features. Didn’t know it worked that way.

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Mine arrived a bit late (7 days) via USPS.
(With the price tag I’m okay with that thou.)
It came with new unopened packaging.
Everything is prestine and set up was a breeze.

I have 3 other different baby cam/pet cam (whatever you want to call them).
Comparing with those I have, Blink connects easily.
The video doesn’t freeze and you can talk & hear very clearly.

I am seriously thinking about buying more and replace the other ones I have at home.
They are glitchy and each has its own app.
Their audio is horrible and video freezes when I need to check them.