Blink Ouch Cataract

Blink Ouch Cataract

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Good luck!


Yay!!! Thank you Woot!

YES! Got one!

Got one! Yea!! Three months in a row!!

YAY! Got it, got, got IT! :slight_smile:


Still in the VOP …



Got one today…now time to go and get my streaming/gaming on :slight_smile:

Wow - Got vestibuled immediately and somehow came out the other side of the VoP with a bag in the cart. That’s a first

Even though I can’t get one, for the first 45 seconds or so, I was skipping the VoP.

People are slacking.

Well that, or they realize that wasting $10+ on this isn’t a financially sound investment.

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I hope I didn’t accidentally order 3 of them since it took 3 separate times of clicking Place Order. Sheesh!

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Got 1! 2nd one this year.

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Dang 31 day rule. :crazy_face:


Half the cost of one B0C, or half of the total cost of all of the attempts? :wink:


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I was watching that damn light bulb tick down for forever, only to do some work and totally miss the BOC. :frowning_face: