Blink Outdoor Wireless HD Security Camera, 2 Camera Kit

Blink Outdoor Wireless HD Security Camera, 2 Camera Kit

Would the mini indoor on Woot sync with this?

Hi there. The mini doesn’t need the Sync module but looking over the Q&A on Amazon, it should like you can use it if you want.

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Yes, these work beautifully with the sync module. True, like ThunderThighs states, the module is not necessary for you to view the cameras – but the sync module allows for motion events to be saved to the flash drive attached to the sync module so that you can view them after the fact.

And at this price, you are getting a sync module, which would normally cost you $35 to acquire by itself.

If you are looking to add truly wireless capabilities, these Blink Outdoor camera are at a great price here on Woot. Also, I have purchased at least a dozen Blinks from Woot, and have been very pleased regarding the condition and performance of the cameras.

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I don’t see anywhere in the product description that this kit includes the sync module.

Hi, do these record 24/7, or are they capable with an SD card?

Hi there. It’s in the specs:

In the Box:

  • (2) Blink Outdoor cameras
  • (1) Sync Module 2
  • (4) 1.5V non-rechargeable AA lithium metal batteries
  • (2) mounting kits
  • (1) USB cable
  • (1) power adapter.

Doesn’t look like it:

I bought these and one was registered on another account so i couldn’t use it. Woot did send me a return label and expedited a replacement, which has worked fine. I have these cameras set on a schedule to arm/disarm at night where there shouldn’t be much motion to help extend battery life. The more you use the cameras, the shorter the battery life.
After the free cloud storage ran out I used the module to save any clips recorded on my cameras (2 of these outdoor and 3 indoor mini compact cameras). At first I couldn’t view the clips in the app- like there was nothing there. I removed the module from my system in the app and added it back and it has been working fine ever since. I can view recordings and delete them (off of the USB drive) through the app.
What can be very convenient is that there is the ARM/DISARM button on the home screen so I could arm the system outside of the normal schedule anytime I want, if I leave during the day and want the system armed its just a quick tap of the button.

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