Blink XT Camera System or Add-On Camera

Blink XT Camera System or Add-On Camera

Any feedback on these?

I’ve experienced delays on Ring, Arlo reviews say the same for wireless connections being delayed. So now this is my last option before I go wired.

I have Arlo Pro. Just put this Blink XT next to it. It seems a bit slower to react than the Arlo Pro. Also it doesn’t send an alert until the action is recorded. Arlo seems to send an alert before recording.

What’s the storage capacity? Would all the cameras use the same storage capacity or does each have it’s own.

Hi there. Per the vendor:

Each sync module (hub) stores up to 2 hours of video for one year.

When it’s full, new clips are stored and older clips automatically deleted.

Ugh. Not something you’ll buy in places with high traffic like… Let’s say at a store. Can you buy more space later?

Can I have multiple sync’s on the same WiFi network?

The modules don’t store anything themselves. Each module gives you the ability to store, on the cloud, a certain amount. So if you have 3 cameras on one module, those 3 cameras share the storage.

If you get another module, that allows cameras stored on that one to share that same amount of storage.

Yes, you can have multiple modules on the same Wifi network.

I don’t know how well integrated the app will be with multiple module. You can see all the cameras on one module on one screen. But not from multiple modules, on one screen.

These cameras are not surveillance cameras that are always on and recording. They’re designed to monitor more infrequent traffic, like in a lawn, driveway, patio, etc. More like the Arlo’s. I myself have my front yard and another side monitored. Good for seeing when the postman/UPS arrives, or random visitors.

Hi there. More answers from the vendor:

Can I have Multiple Syncs on the same wifi network?

You are able to add a second sync module to a location to create sort of ‘zones’ (i.e. indoor system and outdoor system,) or to even expand your coverage (more than 10 cameras), however you cannot string together the sync modules to increase your range. You are also able to set-up and access more than one Blink System from the same account by using our multi-system support feature.

Ugh, Not something you’ll buy in places with high traffic….Let’s say at a store. Can you buy more space later?

There is not a way to purchase additional storage at this time however any additional Sync Module you add to your account would add another 7,200 seconds of storage to your account overall.