Blink XT Camera System or Add-On Camera

Blink XT Camera System or Add-On Camera

Dang it! I just over paid for 2 cameras that I bought just a few days ago :frowning: can I get an adjustment @ThunderThighs… Plzzzzzz :cherries:

What is funny, these are Blink XT1… but some of the specs are for BlinkXT2… these are 720p… NOT 1080P

I bet you bought BlinkXT2… these are BlinkXT1, and were not available for sale a few days ago, at least not on Amazon that is

They pushed a firmware update to the xt1 that enables 1080p… Here are the specs straight from blink:


Blink xt1 have always been 1080p
Original white blinks were 720

I bought 2. now I have 4 cameras. hope they work together well. Then my wife goes “we need one more” and now they are sold out. sigh…

Really woot!! I just bought a bunch of these here a few days ago. That’s upsetting that you would lower the price a few days later. Any chance you would honor the price??

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I’m checking for any price drops and I’m not seeing it? Where are you seeing the drop in price?

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A few days ago under surveillance woot was selling these cams but only had an option for 1 cam + sync and 1 add-on cam ($69, $59). So I purchaed 2 cams + sync. Which was $69+$59. This is more than the combo that’s being offered now.

Ahh I see, ok, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

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Couldn’t follow up on this until after work. Now it’s sold out so I don’t know how to compare prices since the drop down doesn’t… uh…drop down. So I paid $379.94 + tax for 2 blink xt 1 camera systems and 4 blink xt add-ons. That was on 5/31/19, seems like this current listing this morning was a price drop, can someone confirm?