Blink XT Camera System or Add-On Camera

Blink XT Camera System or Add-On Camera

Woot! the frink, it is 6:38 AM on the east coast and all that is left is the single add on camera option? Looks like this one will be sold out before most people wake up.

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I returned Arlo, what waste of time…

And bought Blink, simple, very effective and easy to use and install.

These are awesome for "what’s going on & when for your home indoors and out. I now have 5 cameras. Front door, back door, garage, in a tree out front and kitchen.


For the price, I went with the 2nd gen. Got two off the mothership. I agree with Spitfisher. Pretty easy to set up. Just waiting to see how long the batteries last. Thinking of adding the solar option for the one I have outside. The one I use inside is “mobile”. I move it around when I’m out of town or at home.

A plus is, it picks up pet movements. At least it picks up the cats moving around. The two audio function works good too, I have a PTZ type camera that doesn’t do audio well, or pick up pet movement and cost about the same as one these.

And FWIW, you can get new devices (appear to be gen 1’s) over at the MotherShip for same price. Looks like only in white though.

These are great. I grabbed a few last time and then I nabbed one during Prime Day. I also bought the encasement.

One gripe I have is I can only use my mobile device to view the cameras. I really wish I could watch the feeds from computer without setting up an Android emulator.

Are these the XT or the XT2s? Thanks!

Good morning. These are Blink XT.

Darn. Would have bought if any systems were left.

Yawn… Wake me up when XT2 multi-camera systems show up.

Looks like the system is sold out. If you want a better deal go over to (use coupon code 17260) and get the XT2 for $10.70 more w/ free shipping. The two way audio alone is worth it.