Blink XT Home Security - 2 Camera Kit

Blink XT Home Security - 2 Camera Kit

We get offered a selection between “Used-Acceptible” and Used-Good" conditions. However, they’re the same price. Why even ask? Who is going to pick the lesser quality one?

When the “good” run out, your only option will be the acceptable. Early bird gets the worm.

Annnnnnd the “good” is gone.

This is, of course, the older, obsolete model, having been replaced by the Blink XT2, and soon (in two days) to be further obsolesced by the Blink Mini. I’d take a hard pass on this offer, since you will be able to get two brand new, not used as in this woot, Blink Minis for $5 LESS than this woot. The XT2 and Mini offer additional features the XT doesn’t have, such as 1080p, enhanced night vision, and 2-way audio, to name a few.

Blink mini appears to be indoor only, wired cameras. These are wireless outdoor cameras.


From the specs, the XT is 1080P and I do not see anything about enhanced night vision. This is off the blink website FAQ… “The Blink XT2 is the next-generation of the XT and offers new and improved features such as two-way audio, customizable motion detection, live view recording and can record a total of 53,870 seconds of video on a single set of 1.5v AA lithium batteries (compared to 40,000 seconds of the XT), allowing customers to use it twice as much and still enjoy the same 2-year battery life, all for an even lower price!”

I think it has 1080 so that’s wrong and this is no way obsolete so that is wrong too. Who needs voice? Obsolete is your 2" Color TV in the US. It can only be used outside the USA. Maybe you need to learn what words mean before you use them.

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I have 3 of these. 1 outside, one where the cats hang out and one in the garage. They are easy to set up but just a few things to remember:

  1. They are DEPENDENT on the CLOUD. You get 7 days of storage but it’s more of size dependent so it’s not hard to fill up and overwrite older files.
  2. Now this is very important. IT"S INTERNET DEPENDENT. You loose internet service, you loose connectivity to your camera(s). Even if you have everything on your home network. And they STOP WORKING on top of that, till the net is back up.
  3. Batteries do not last the full 2 years. I’ve had mine online since the late summer. I’ve just replaced 2 sets of batteries. Granted, those two get heavy use but I have them adjusted down to acceptable levels and they still eat batteries. I’m thinking of getting the solar panels and rechargeable batteries.

As far as nr 2 goes, a week ago, we lost internet (WideOpenWest) for 15 hours. Only security cam’s were my Samsung system w/8 wired cams and they worked because my internal network was up.

2 nights ago, we lost power for 3 hours. Again, the BLINKS were dead. But my Samsung system worked fine. While the blinks were down, they do not record anything (duhh) so they are bricks till the network is back up. Now, I could have connected my phone to my router (has that ability) and it might have worked, but I didn’t try it.

They are nice addons but if you are serious about security, look elsewhere.

I can vouch for the XT2 units as being very easy to setup and perform without any issues other than running the battery down in a highly active area. The price of these used units seems high since I don’t think I paid much more if at all, than the asking price for the the new XT2 units I have.

Anyone know what the power adapter is for?

Power adapter is for the hub module.