Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1st Gen

Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1st Gen

FYI If your house is covered in aluminum siding these will not work from the base inside to a camera outside. There is an total interferance. I had the device inside to test from 1 side to the other with the base and it worked fine. Stepped literally 2 feet to the outside and no longer worked.

I guess that’s why people like aluminum foil hats so much. :\

Sorry about your siding though.

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It mentions it a couple places that there is free cloud based storage. If you look on recent Blink products they state things like it’s free if you were already signed up prior to February and whatnot. Do we know if there is in fact free cloud storage with these that’s not part of just a free trial?

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Ordered the 3 camera kit, had to send it back, Wifi only works with 2.4 ghz I have one of those Spectrum modems with mixed 2.4 and 5 ghz
Video quality looks good
Would try 2nd gen with 2 way audio.

Hi there. Sorry for the late answer. Per the vendor:

Absolutely – XT2 = free cloud storage

I paid full retail for this 2 camera set up earlier this year and have been quite satisfied with the performance. The WiFi range is good enough that I was able to attached one to a tree next to the sidewalk on the corner of my lot. You have to adjust sensitivity and active zones to get the coverage you want, but it isn’t too difficult. I have paid nothing for any cloud storage and the battery performance has been reasonable.


Anyone know if it works with zwave?

I know it’s too late for you, but you can get around that issue quite easily with something wirelessly powered like this. Since 2.4g transmits a longer distance you can just keep moving further away from the router until the device connects, then move it back to your desired location.

This is not a Zwave camera no. Regular (2Gz) wifi only.

but this isn’t an xt2 its an xt 1st gen… does that still get the same cloud storage?

Hi there. Vendor just confirmed that XT & XT2 have free cloud storage.

Are these Blink XTs or XT2s? The video specs are for XT2s.

How man cameras in this kit?

HI there. Two cameras.

Bought a 3 camera kit last time it was offered. Free cloud storage for the XT model.

Our specs are straight from Amazon. What makes you think they’re incorrect?

I thought XTs were 720 resolution and XT2s were 1080.

If you google, the XT can record in 1080p but it’s set to 720 as default for battery consumption.

Your advertisement says 1st generation XT2 ???