Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Security Camera

Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Security Camera

The wording on the account storage situation is kind of confusing.

“Accounts that were created before April 15, 2020 continue to have the original 7200 seconds per Sync Module of basic cloud storage. XT2, XT and Indoor (gen 1) cameras receive 7200 seconds of basic could storage per Sync Module, free for life. This is separate from a subscription plan. When one of these cameras is set up on a Sync Module 2, it is assigned 7200 seconds of basic cloud storage, to be used when a subscription is not active.”

Do XT2s receive cloud storage free for life regardless of account creation date? This reads like there are two separate and distinct conditions under which you can be eligible for free cloud storage - account creation before April 15, 2020, OR having one of the listed devices.

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That’s the sentence you want. And yes.


“Accounts that were created before April 15, 2020 continue to have the original 7200 seconds per Sync Module of basic cloud storage.”

THAT is the sentence you want. IF you already have a Blink account that was set up before 4/15/20, you can add these cameras to that account and have the free storage. If you have an account that was set up after that date then you have to have a subscription, or the newer module.

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Bold to call Thunder Thighs a liar…

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I think your comment is uncalled for and rude.


I have two if these systems that I bought last week. I have installed them this week. I have created two new accounts this week. I can confirm…

  1. These XT2 cameras come with a gen 2 sync module.
  2. Accounts created now do receive free cloud storage with XT2 cameras.

Do these cameras send an email notification when motion is detected?
It seems like it only sends push notifications to your phone if you have the app installed but no email notification.

Note that on the Blink Storage Optoins page, the sentences are separate paragraphs meaning the second paragraph starts a new topic.

Also note that we’ve confirmed this repeatedly with the Blink team, an Amazon company.


I found this. May be what you’re looking for but I don’t see motion, just major changes to your system.


So, I got these in two days, bought the 3 camera system in “acceptable” condition. I figured for $50 I’d take my chances on something that’s almost $200 on Amazon.

But…these were new. Like, brand new, sealed box, goofy little plastic wrap still on the cameras new. Either they know how to recondition like a boss, or they were never opened. Either way, one heckuva deal. They were a little touchy setting up, but work like a charm so far. We’ll see how they perform after awhile.

Thanks, woot!


Well then you must not have understood it.


That guy is literally posting false information.

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I’ve had an ongoing discussion with Blink on this issue and I can say that I’m not certain they know what their answer will ultimately be. It is a simple issue that has taken on a life of its own they do not appear to have planned for and the more they try to cover themselves the worse they are making it ultimately for themselves.
At this point, they should just make it free for all. If they need to use it as a revenue source they can cap it at a certain time limit to match the new improved cloud storage platform that all will need to ultimately migrate to in the designated future- thus bringing all into the same program.

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I have the previous mode (BLINK XT), also bought here. As you suspect, the system does not send email notifications. However, the system works with IFTTT and there are applets that allow you to receive an email when the camera detects motion.

As you mention, the camera sends push notifications to your phone through the app. I receive them almost immediately.

Hope this helps.


As mentioned in my previous comment, I have a BLINK XT (version 1) system. I have 3 questions:

– In addition to 2-way audio, are there any other benefits / differences between the cameras?
– How do I know if I have the original sync module or the 2nd generation sync module? What are the differences?

Thank you all

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Do I need to add a sync module or are these their own sync module?

Xt2 cameras record in 1080p while XT record in 720p.

From my understanding if you have XT cameras you probably have the first generation sync module. I think the second generation module might have a USB port for remote storage but I am not positive about it. Regardless I also believe they are reverse compatible so XT2 cameras will work with a first generation base station.


Alright, you convinced me :wink:
For fifty bucks I’ll play around with them and maybe learn something about IFTTT.
I’m having a blast with ZoneMinder and Ubuntu but sometimes it gets overwhelming and I don’t have time to learn all this stuff.

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These require a sync module. The 2- and 3- camera kits include a sync module.

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These do NOT come with the sync module 2. There is no local storage option. Purchased and was very disappointed. The sync module 2 is black with a white outside border. You’ve been warned.