Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Security Camera

**These do not come with latest sync module, there is no local storage option. **
These come with the older sync module, which does not allow for local storage.

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I have these at my home, had them a long time now and love them. I am sure I have the older model, but I am pleased and I am ordering a new set of 2. I will either use it with my current system or set up alone, not sure yet. I am curious to see if there is a difference.

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Mine arrive today, the 3 unit package, so I took a quick look at the Sync module and it does appear to be the first gen, which has a USB on the side but it isn’t for data transfer only power.

Sync Model Number: BSM00203U

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But the feature description for the item says " 1. Plug in, and sync module(gen 2), and connect to Wi-Fi". Even I bought a 2 xt2 camera kit and it was shipped with BSM00203U sync module. Can someone confirm that there is a mistake in the feature description or that the sync module is actually BSM00203U that supports USB storage? In the blink app I do not see the tab for local storage.


It does not seem that this has the sync module 2. Extremely disappointed to find this out right after I got rid of the box and ordered a usb drive. I’m the description it literally states

β€œ Camera Kits

  • (1) Blink XT2 camera (dependent on quantity selected)
  • (1) sync module (Gen 2)”

It coming with a sync module 2 was literally the reason I purchased these cameras.

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yeah, me too.

Hey @Pitsaboi, can you tell us the model number of the sync module you received? Is it BSM00203U? Are some of the kits getting sync module 2s and some getting the OG sync module?

Sync Module 2 looks like this.

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Email notification? What is this 2001? No it sends a real-time notification to the app and / or Alexa device.