I was missed?


suppose this thread is better here.

//sets fire to … to…

Umm, is there a house or something to burn down?

Little help here… What did I miss?

Josephus - fill me in. sheesh - need the info…

What do I pay you people for?


D’name sobs herself to sleep every night, whimpering your name over and over …

It’s nearly more than we can take.


Glad you’re happy. Just check in once in a while to see if we need anything burned or a civil insurrection somewhere. The threads have been kind of flame free since you left. I can’t remember whether it was czar or qwerty that got in a little trouble for flaming a newbie.


What kind of sausage? Commercial?


Bah - Just shoot me a PM at my site and I will charge in, Flame, crush, kill, destroy, get forum banned, and wave my furry posterior at the moderator who can’t take a joke.

I’m good like that…


True 'dat!

Speaking of…boss, I need a raise.


I make a sweet italian that’s tasty - working on making breakfast sausage now.

I do it in 80lb batches for the family and friends.


Done - I will immediately double what I pay you.

Now - what did I miss?


You’ve been gone so long, so is your site. You’ll need to pm it again. Or do you occasionally check your pm’s here?


I met D’Name in person. She made a pass at me. She kissed me. No lie.


Argh’s been missing for almost as long as you. Some of us stay in touch with Macdaddy via e-mail, but his work won’t let him on woot. Who else?


hmm - I have pm’s?


Wasn’t me, that I can remember.




Umm, what?


Now you need to hear D’name’s side of the story.
There’s been some meetings. Ace, Cruzer, Czar and Brownie in Texas.
Tall, AZ and Zilla in D.C.
D’name and Zilla in D.C.


Might even have been jq or neo.


KT is touch phobic!
After 8 hours together I gave her a hug and cheek(face you perves) kiss. She freaked!
Damn good thing for her she was in the car when we met! She would have exploded if I had done it when we met!

That was June. You have been gone that long?
Alien has been missing since April I think, and that was just a short visit.

Yeah, we need the site again.


So, what happened with your motorcycle lady friend?


And more importantly, are you frying your turkey this year?


And more importantly than that, will you video it for us?