Bliss Deluxe XL Gravity-Free Recliner

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Bliss Deluxe XL Gravity-Free Recliner
Price: $64.99
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Does anyone know if this is waterproof?

It’s a waterproof as Polyester can be . . . not really sure what you are asking. If it gets wet, it will dry and not fall apart. The sunshade isn’t big enough to shade you from the rain if that’s what you mean.

I swear these things are going up in price. I remember thinking $40 was more than I wanted to pay for them a couple years ago, and I’d wait til they went on sale. now they’re $65 on Woot?


PVC-coated polyester means the sun and being sat on is more of a threat than water to these things.

Mostly I want to know if I can leave it out on my porch or if I should haul it inside between uses.

Bought this Jun 26, 2017 for $59.99 on Woot. I have left this outside all the time, and thru a winter in MN. It has done fine, it hasn’t rusted. It is more comfortable than my other system style one. This one is larger, the shade thing is semi useful, not that big, not that adjustable. The side holder for cups is useful. I have the brown one. It is heavy but most of these styles are. I don’t get why it costs more now but at least with prime you can get free shipping so a wash for what I paid. If I needed one and didn’t need to move it around much, or if it fit your vehicle. It is worth it.

So, on the Bliss web site, the 33" wide seat model is called the XXL, and the 31" wide seat model is called the XL. Is there any way to match this up with the exact model on the web site? The names are all very “twisty little passages”.