Bliss Deluxe XL Gravity Free Recliners

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Bliss Deluxe XL Gravity Free Recliners
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Sir Isacc Newton would be stunned to find that Woot is selling these chairs and not charging for the gravity. Getting the gravity for free is an amazing bargain.

I got a couple of these last summer off Woot - great chairs and even better deal now.

How much does it weigh? I don’t want to get a hernia carrying it to the beach!

According to a Q&A on Amazon, it weighs 22 lbs.

For anyone wondering, these types of recliner are marketed as “zero gravity” or some variant thereof, as the earliest models were designed to reproduce the posture that NASA found astronauts’ bodies tend to assume while in orbit (e.g. on space stations), specifically a torso-to-thigh angle of 128 degrees – hence, the “zero gravity” posture.

While those early models and their descendants had a fixed ~128 degree posture and simply tilted the entire chair back to recline, the moniker is a bit more loosely applied to articulated folding models like this, which increase the torso-to-thigh angle as the user reclines further.

I have always wondered about that. Thank you, subgothius!