Blister on Chin

Blister on Chin

92%? Well, we don’t have enough for you! Into the VOP you go!

I went in at 99% and in VOP

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99 for me. Ah well.

ouch VOP at 99


I really suck today :frowning:

Congrats all who got one!

99 And in VOP for I think the 6th time today. Ah well indeed.

Can you get multiple BoC’s in one day (but not for 31 after)?

still 27% left I better get one i was in at 80% hahaha

Lol my phone will lose battery before I snag one.

I just want some good news like everyone else does these days… a little mystery box to obsess over.

Sigh… Love you all.

They need another limit other than the 30 days, like a yearly one.

Some dude has like 20-something!

F that!

Atleast I got the 1$ fire tablet :frowning:

yay i got one!

I missed $1 fire tablets??? SMH

what was your strategy?

My first bag of crap in ages. Woothoo for me.
My strategy involved having a crappy data connection on my cellular.

Time’s cruelty…

What does one have to do to get one of these things? I have literally been trying for like 10 years and no matter how high the percentage left when I click I always miss out… Apparently it’s never in the cards for me. SUPER LONG SIGH…

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i kept reloading in the app and the second it appeared i clicked buy now

Make sure you’re signed in ahead of time.
Keep this page open:
Stuff shows up a few seconds faster there sometimes.

Be fast.
Be lucky.

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