Blitzed Otters Camping

Blitzed Otters Camping


Desktop loads slower than the App. Some day we’ll fix that.

VOP is by design. A small percentage of orders go straight through with the remainder going to the VOP to queue up for the next availability in our order processing. This keeps our servers from blowing up.

You can exit the VOP after 4-5 minutes. Desktop should kick you. App is a jerk and doesn’t kick you out.

Canceled means we ran out after we processed your payment. We have to cancel to refund the order.

Denied means that we ran out before we could process your order. We deny the order to reverse the process.

Remember to post your Bandolier of Carrots here!

Enjoy the disappointment.

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better get this one before they are all gone

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@wootevil are you pooping?

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@wootevil get out of the bathroom!

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Nothing again :sob:

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I think he fell in.

Get the plunger!

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The big one!

And don’t do a gif search for “big plunger.”

I had two flippin bocs in my cart today and each time the damn site said my cc was out of date! WTF???

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You’ll get odd errors when the servers are overloaded. I’ve seen that one before.

HA! and I was down the hall when this happened. Sad since I love otters. :otter:

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The system had signed me out of the forums, woot itself w/amazon signin AND amazon pay


The VOP didn’t even exist this time…


and ready for some crap!

Thanks woot

PS - best BOC name so far? Methinks


Congrats on the disappointment!


It’s about time!

Been quite a disappointing wait!


Are the servers overloded now? I’m still getting that error.

For a boc? They’re all sold out at the moment.

Shouldn’t be. Are you sure your card is up-to-date?

If you use Pay with Amazon and made a change there recently, log out of Amazon and Woot. Then log back in. This syncs them up.

No, for conditioner

And set default payment and shipping address with Amazon BEFOREHAND so you can punch that order button without any changeroos

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