Block 13 Cabernet Sauvignon - Four Pack

love the man, i really do, but he thinks ALL of his wines are excellent QPR. by definition. and i’d have to agree. :smiley:

only place i’ve seen the brand (though not this varietal) was Costco.

Hmm … I see some prices from retailer websites, but I don’t like to use those for the price comparison. No reliability.

Did everyone survive the 7 days of Wootmas??? And whilst CJ is off on maneuvers …

** Upcoming Woot Wine Gatherings…The Sunday Edition for the week of Dec 8**

Is there a Woot Wine Gathering in your neck of the woods?  Come join us!  No gathering?  No problem!  Propose one!  We're nice people, and we bring GOOD wine!

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12/13:[NYC #7 – Holiday Tasting](  20 people.  20 wines.  Oh, and Gary V is coming over just to liven things up a notch!  
12/20: [NoVA/DC #9: A Break From The Madness](   Just hangin’ out, relaxin’ under the Wootmas Tree with the homies!  Cheron brings the Wootmobile out.
12/28:[Chicago #8: Wishing You a Sparkly New Year!](  The Sparklitariate is invading Chicago!  Start posting what you are bringing so Joel can work some culinary magic!   
TBD: [German Goodness in Rockford, IL](  Subinsignia is planning Teutonic Festivities at the local Rathskeller!  Dates are being discussed, so it’s time to start thinking ahead.

1/24:[TMR’s Ultimate WineBid Dinner Party](   This looks like a crazy good evening!  If you haven’t checked the thread lately, you really need to do so.  
1/24:[NYC #8: Ring in the New Year With The Old](  Calling all 10+ year old wines…the NYC w.w’ers request your presence at a tasting in your honor in January!  
1/31:[NoVA/DC #10](  We have a date.  Now it’s time to start thinking theme!.  
TBD:[SoCal #6: The Continuous New Year’s Eve Party](  The SoCal Wine Wooters want to extend the holidays.  Come join them!  
TBD:[NE FL & SE GA #2](  The last one was so much fun, the FL/GA wooters are looking for a repeat!
****TBD:[Portland OR #1](  Here’s hoping EdTheBedhead can get this gathering coordinated!  Post your availability now.  

2/7:[Detroit #4: Sushi Battle]( …with Sparklies!!!

***You just missed:***
12/6:[NoVA/DC #8: Leftovers](  WV69 is hosted.  Sounded like everyone had fun!

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wine-searcher pro lists it at $13.28 (1 store), $15.30-$15.99 (5 stores), $16.99 (2 stores), $17.99 (1 store) & $18.99 (1 store).

Here is info from their marketing company.

OT: Speaking of Costco, I picked up an Iron Horse Estate Pinot there today for $30. Not too shabby 25% off of retail.

interesting. about 1/2 sourced from Dry Creek. very interesting indeed…

What the…?? Was indulging in Murai and Momokawa saké all evening and noticed woot time approaching, saw it was a relatively inexpensive CS, pulled the trigger and whoa…first sucker?? Thought that was pretty darn awesome…:slight_smile:

… and 33% off winery list price. not too shabby at all. such a good deal, in fact, that you may have to share your find at an upcoming CWWT! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice sleuthing. No pricing or ordering, though.

what am i, chopped liver?!? sheesh!!!

And the 2004 just says 60% from Alexander Valley, nothing else. Seems to change a lot year to year.

You’re up late.

What’s with all the chopped liver this week?

And no, you’re not! I stick to winery prices as that provides a fair direct comparison for each offer. Retailer sites can be notoriously inaccurate, misleading, and questionable.

From the prices you provided, though, w.w clearly has the lowest price (even after woot shipping).

no long-term contracts with third-party growers then? interesting. would love to hear from our friends at GunBun 'bout their strategy for this nascent value-oriented label.

I always am and you usually aren’t. Nite.

Very interesting. Probably just a fun project to play with. Oh and if they made a 2005 it’s probably not released yet, so I shouldn’t say they didn’t make any more unless they say so.

From the pdf here the fact sheet is signed by Jeff Bundschu. Not that I guess that is news, but might add confirmation for someone on the fence.

that’s what this is about? i commend you on testing this hypothesis week in & week out if for nothing else than to enlighten the unenlightened. AFAIC, however, this is an established & fundamental law of physics. trying to disprove it is as futile as trying to disprove gravity. but (silly though it may be on the part of whoever tries to do so) YMMCV.

Some aspire to greatness; some have greatness thrust upon them. :wink: Congratulations!

I love the timing of this offering. We’re all broke from gift week, the stupid economy and the upcoming holidays, and WineDavid offers us an inexpensive, daily drinking cab. Dude, your marketing skills rock da house.