Block 13 Cabernet Sauvignon - Four Pack

All I can tell you is this stuff ROCKS. I was working for GunBun when this juice came out. Sold quite a bit of it. The vineyards used were top notch. Rumor had it that they were discontinuing it to focus on the Estate.

The date you joined gives you street cred extraordinaire despite the whole first time poster thing. Glad you spoke up. Feel free to keep doing so!

Thought about getting this for my dad, but I think he would prefer a mixed set vs 4 of the same bottles.

That didn’t take long…

Must keep repeating to self… “SIWBM… SIWBM… SIWBM… SIWBM… SIWBM…”

I wonder if I could get that as a vanity plate on my next car (and SWMBO on my wife’s). :smiley:

I’m in, and in for a chance at rat. The QPR comment got me

I’ve been wondering… what does SIWBM and SWMBO mean?

SIWBM=Self Imposed Wine Buying Moratorium
SWMBO=She Who Must Be Obeyed

Thanks. Now I won’t have to keep wondering and beating myself up over the head. :slight_smile:

No problem…I wondered for quite a while myself.

I cant have Cabernet Sauvignon put in front of my face like that and NOT buy it!!! gotta be my one of my favorite grapes. Hope this stuff lives up to the winerys name.

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in for one, and up to the lab rat challenge if chosen!

So far you’d be correct. Though there have been a couple of weeks where w.w’s price was not lower than the winery before shipping (after shipping was considered, though, w.w had the better price). So, clearly, the laws of physics are meant to be challenged.

And would you win points for recognizing her authority, or lose points for tagging her car with such geek-speak?

Better qpr than Corison cabs?

Congrats on the first sucker!

I have plenty of inexpensive CS around the house, don’t need any more. :slight_smile:

Looking at the pdf data sheet, I (a) am in for 3 and (b) want to labrat. Three w/o tasting may be a bit risky, but, consider:

Very good to excellent Cabernet at around $15/bottle is getting rare folks. Lots of cheap dreck, but not decent stuff from a winery like Gun Bun.

On the magical history tour last Summer, I think almost everyone liked their wines very much and I think most, if not all, of the Tourists bought some-- the only issue on most of them was the QPR.

I think WD has been waiting for this one a while and I think it should be a winner.

Ok, I’m convinced - doesn’t take much; and would love to Labrat. Cab is our favorite.

Can’t resist this one! SO much hinting around going on. In for three. Just finished a long project and have plenty of time for extracurricular activities the next few days should there be any available.

SWMBO - as everyone has told you - is “She Who Must Be Obeyed” which usually means one’s wife and/or significant other.

What people don’t tell you is the origin of the phrase. It comes from H. Rider Haggard’s late 19th century novel She, one of the great adventure novels of the time. Rumpole, a character it Brit TV uses the phrase for his wife, but I’ve used it (and heard others use it) far longer, back to the '60s at least when I first read the book.

Curiously, I just saw the 1935 film version last Friday night – it was long thought lost, but has been restored. It was a hoot - very campy - almost as good high camp as the 1939 film Lost Horizon