Block 50 Case of Aussie Reds (12)

Cumulus Estate Wines Block 50 Case of Aussie Reds
$99.99 $̶1̶4̶9̶.̶0̶0̶ 33% off List Price
2011 Block 50 Shiraz, Central Ranges, Australia
2011 Block 50 Cabernet Sauvignon, Central Ranges, Australia
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Like the price point, but is it drinkable? Anyone have first hand experience with these?

I typically like Aussie red’s. But I don’t know this brand. My experience says that everything in Australia is trying to kill you so I’m not sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Australian screwtop bottles are the funnel web spiders of the wine world.

Considering they are only two years old, they might be worth cellaring for a couple of years. In that case, it would be a wise investment.

Bought this the last time around and we are enjoying it; it drinks well above the price point. As a comparison, the Karma California Cab Sauv that was also recently offered at the same price point seemed much sweeter and had less overall oomph to it.

As far as Woot trying to stir up the old Stelvin debate, in my mind the debate is over. Couldn’t find the original citation, but the following link contains that of-so-very-important picture of the wines the AWRI compared at 10 years with different closures:

In short, Stelvins rule!

Bought this last time. Not stellar but quite enjoyable. Better than many at this price point IMO. Considering another case.

I recently purchased my first wine woot and got charged tax. What determines if a winery is going to charge tax? Is it a state law? So should I be factoring that into every purchase?


Think I’ll pass on this. Don’t particularly need a whole case of wine that may or may not only be good for “cooking” wine. Already have one of those…

Not sure how to store these… I heard the sediment in Aussie wines rises to the top. Any down-unders with advice for us top-siders?

Tax is now added to every purchase. There’s a thread on it somewhere…

Kyle is right, although I’m not sure where the thread is. Here is the FAQ blurb though:

I noticed a sales tax charge at checkout - where does that come from?
The wine deals featured on Wine.Woot come direct from the wineries. Each of these wineries has its own web of licensing obligations, tax policies, and local laws to deal with. So Wine.Woot calculates sales taxes on the wineries’ behalf in accordance with their instructions. These instructions vary depending on the tax laws in each state.

Yes. Unlike California reds, that you store label-up, you should store these label-down. Also, if you are into rotating your bottles, rotate these counter-clockwise instead of clockwise. You should be set.

Oh alright. I misunderstood that post when I read it. I thought you guys calculated tax in order to get our ‘max’ as a placeholder until the winery could figure out if they’re suppose to charge us or not.

So as another poster wrote, tax will be applied to all purchases?

This has been the case since Feb 22, if the purchaser is in a state that has sales tax.

That’s like the toilets that flush opposite since it’s southern hemisphere.

Gotcha thanks!

Oh, what the heck–in for one, just to encourage this type of offering.

ETA: Well. I would have, but NY is not on the list–first time I’ve encountered that!

I’ve only seen it once or twice before. It’s rare to find a winery that isn’t willing to jump through the hoops to be able to sell to the NY market.