Blocks Away

The perfect attack on any unsuspecting Bomberman.

It’s just not fair when they drop all the long pieces first… and then you can’t get one when you actually need it!

“Quick, someone, grab a controller!”

Put round peg in square hole.

Way to go, Naolito!

Totally harsh, no parachutes and the plane announces the next one to get tossed below.

“Keep dropping 'em, I dare ya! They’re just going to disappear anyway!”

I can only describe this as EXTREME TETRIS!


great ! just the we need. more tetris game shirts.well ok now I’m hoping for the galaga remixed update to be great.

I wonder how the blocks are stacked inside the airplane…

Hah, I’d buy this except I already have 2 Tetris-themed shirts. :\

The red one reminds me of the refrigerator Indiana Jones hid in during that nuclear test. What an awful movie.

Blocks…check. So what’s up next?

These guys lack parachutes. I sort of worry for their safety. They are clearly alive because they have faces, right?

Too bad they didn’t know about the Soviet building plan.

A straight piece, so readily available? Like that ever happens!

It’s gonna hurt when that long one goes in…

(Congrats Naolito!)

I fail to see how that is a valid excuse for not getting it.

Really cute idea. Unfortunate that there was another tetris-themed shirt so recently.